11-year-old albino twins surprise the whole world. And here is what they are doing

Now there are absolutely new standards of beauty in the fashion world: unusual appearance and “zest”.

The Bavar sisters are just such models.

At the age of 11, they have already become quite popular.

The girls live in Brazil and their parents are black.

And the girls were born absolutely unlike their parents.

They are light-skinned, with white hair and blue eyes.

They are albinos. It was thanks to this feature that they were invited to the photo project.

“The purpose of my work is to demonstrate beauty in all its ways for empowerment,” says the photographer about his project.

In the family there is also older daughter, Sheila, she is dark-skinned.

Sheila and her sisters took part in a photo project.

Girls have become very popular.

They have already collaborated with such brands as Nike, Insanis and Bazaar Kids.

Lara and Mara love their appearance very much and have never been complacent about it.

They feel confident.

The sisters have their own Instagram account, and they already have more than 6,000 subscribers, the number of which is growing every day.

The girls believe that people need to provide as much information about albinism as possible, as well as ensure the integration of people with this disease into society.

This is exactly what they want to do with the help of social networks.

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