In 2007, five girls were born in the Artamkin family. Girls are already 12 years old. How does the family live today?

In 2007, the life of the Artamkin family take a fortuitous turn. Varvara and Dmitry had five children-five wonderful, beautiful daughters.

While still pregnant, Varvara went for an ultrasound procedure and there it turned out that under the heart of the woman carries as many as five embryos. Doctors were concerned about this situation, and they suggested that the couple remove two embryos to avoid further risks. But Artamkin’s people are believers, they refused it and decided that as God will give, so it will be.


Because of such a multiple pregnancy, Russian doctors refused to take on such responsibility, so the Artamkins went to give birth abroad.

At the 26th week of pregnancy, five beautiful girls were born, who immediately moved to the incubator for premature babies. The babies developed well, gained weight, eventually got stronger, and went home to their native Moscow.

As soon as they arrived, the state presented them with a four-room apartment with repairs and furniture.

Of course, it is not easy to raise five children at once, the couple was very tired, but thanks to the support of each other and relatives, everything worked out for them.



“Of course it was not easy to realize that we had five children, five new lives. But children have filled our lives with happiness. I have always wanted to have children, and I am very glad that I have a lot of them. To be honest, I see little difference between our family and any large family. My husband and I are deeply convinced that it is much more difficult with one child, since he feels the constant attention of his parents very much, and therefore is much more often capricious. And when there are five children at once, they understand that the mother is alone and cannot torn between them, ” recalls Varvara.

The girls were named Elizabeth, Alexandra, Nadezhda, Tatiana, and Varvara. As the parents say, they are all completely different, both in appearance and in character. The girl, who was born the fourth, was ill a lot. She often had pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. However, over time, she got stronger.

In 2015, the sisters went to the first class.


“I am glad that my daughters will study in the same class and will be able to support each other. How scary it must be for a child who goes to school alone for the first time, without the support of his brothers and sisters! ” – says the mother.

Now the girls are 12 years old, they are comprehensively developed, they have been attending church since childhood. By their example, the Artamkins showed that when there is a reliable shoulder of a loved one , nothing is impossible.

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In 2007, five girls were born in the Artamkin family. Girls are already 12 years old. How does the family live today?
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