23-year-old Kristina is a father of 11 children and plans even more….

23-year-old Kristina is a father of 11 children and plans even more….


Imagine for a 2nd that you have not one, not two, on the other hand 11 babies who cry, crawling and incessantly require your attention. Nevertheless 23-year-old Kristina Ozturk has dispassionate such a character of children, she perceives extremely cheerful and plans all the more more children.

Nowadays we will communicate you approximately a adolescent mother, how it happened and how she copes with the children. For the 1st time, Christina became a mom at the age of 17, her girl Victoria was born. Nevertheless unfortunately, the communication with the baby’s dad did not calculate and as a result, the womanhood remained a single mother. Her life denatured dramatically when she met her contemporary husbby on vacation.

On the authority of her, there was devotedness at 1st sight, and subsequently a uet the human race planned to her. on account of the copulate are extremely affectionate of children, they determined that they would have lots of them. As you have noticed, each the children are virtually the corresponding age.


On account of it is not accomplishable to deliver to so a lot of children at the moment, the copulate inverted to surrogacy. all the more if Christina didn’t deliver to whole them, they are all the more her own children. The female plans to deliver again.

Her economize be entitled to well, he always makes convinced that his family is fully if for and the requires of each family member are met. He lend a hand Christina with the housework himself, and they furthermore have nannies and helps at home.

Christina affirms that she and her husbby have shared responsibilities, so everybody has continuance to rest and amuse oneself with the children, and they always spend weekends together.

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23-year-old Kristina is a father of 11 children and plans even more….
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