How Andrey Kostash lives and looks now, who broke several records at the age of 7

Andrei Kostash began to train hard from the age of 4 under the strict guidance of his father. And when the boy was 7 years old, he already set records. Then he was able to wring out 4000 times in just 2.5 hours. After 3 years, everyone heard about the boy again, he breaks a new record – lifting a weight of 25 kg 1784 times in one approach. Then Andrei was talked about all over the world. Now the boy is already 14 years old, today on we will tell you how his life has changed.

When Andrei became famous, his father began to take him to various TV shows so that interest in his son would not fade away and they would discuss him even more. Behind such a tight schedule and tough training, the boy’s entire childhood passed. But over time, his fame began to fade. The people around him began to lose interest in him, because he was growing up, and there are more pumped-up teenagers than little boys.



Andrey began to run a channel on YouTube, where he shares videos with details from his life, although the channel itself is not very popular, but the guy did not abandon him



Now Andrei Kostash is 14 years old, he has not quit sports, but he is no longer doing it so selflessly. He chooses his own activities to his liking and even acts in films. The guy stopped chasing records and reduced the number of workouts, now sport for Andrey is a pleasure.

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How Andrey Kostash lives and looks now, who broke several records at the age of 7
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