How a Woman Who Gave Birth at 60 Now Lives and How Her Daughter Grew Up

The tale of Galina Shubenina, who gave birth at the age of 60, circulated worldwide. While many condemned her for such a hasty choice, there were those who supported Galina’s decision.

Her reasoning for becoming a mother at such an advanced age stemmed from the loss of her only son, as she longed for someone to shower with love and care.

Galina found happiness with her second husband, Alexei, who is eight years her junior. Both of them desired to carry on their lineage, prompting them to embark on the journey of pregnancy.

In the end, the risks paid off, and in January 2015, a remarkable girl named Cleopatra entered the world.

This captivating account even piqued the interest of television networks, leading Galina’s family to participate in the show “Let them talk.” Consequently, Shubenina’s narrative gained recognition not only in Russia but also internationally.

Presently, Cleopatra is a vibrant and energetic seven-year-old, blossoming into a remarkable young girl. Attending various clubs and activities, Galina’s daughter receives ample attention from her parents, who strive to raise her as an exemplary member of society.

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How a Woman Who Gave Birth at 60 Now Lives and How Her Daughter Grew Up
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