What the Boy who was Nicknamed “Pinocchio” Looks Like Today

Little Ollie Trezis came into the world with an incredibly rare condition known as encephalocele.

As time passed, the boy’s nose began to enlarge, posing a significant concern as even the slightest injury could lead to meningitis. Medical professionals strongly urged Ollie’s parents to consider a surgical intervention.

For the first nine months of his life, Ollie lived without undergoing the surgery. However, as his nose continued to grow, his parents finally consented to correcting the defect.

The procedure went smoothly, granting the young boy the ability to breathe comfortably, which had been a challenge for him before.

In an effort to raise awareness about such medical cases, the boy’s mother decided to share a picture of her son on the internet.

The response was overwhelming, with numerous individuals offering their support and well wishes for Ollie’s swift recovery.

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What the Boy who was Nicknamed “Pinocchio” Looks Like Today
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