After Eating Rocks To Survive, This Great Dane Finally Gets A Second Chance

Despite the fact that there are countless canines out there waiting for their better tomorrow, there are some stories that make you believe humanity isn’t dead. This is one of those stories…

When Angelo, a Great Dane puppy, was found on the streets, he was practically a lost cause. This poor boy was severely malnourished and couldn’t stand on his paws any longer.

But, then the most amazing thing happened! A woman who voluntarily provides rescue to stray dogs stepped in to help. Still, Angelo’s case wasn’t an easy one, as he still needed serious medical intervention.

Angelo Was On The Edge Of Dying

photo of a starving great dane
Source: Wiltshire

The reason why this Great Dane puppy was barely moving turned out to be the stones in his stomach. Unfortunately, Angelo was so malnourished and starving that he ate stones to stay alive.

His tummy was full of stones, which is why he couldn’t eat any more, nor could he poop when he was brought to the shelter. This was a life-threatening condition, and it required immediate surgery, but even then, the well-being of this Great Dane boy wasn’t guaranteed.

Furever Rescue Foster Did The Job Right

photo of a malnourished great dane
Source: Justin Finning

A woman named Hanan, from the Furever Rescue Foster organization, did everything to help Angelo survive. The surgical procedure was expensive and it required a serious recovery process afterward, which is why she decided to seek help over social media.

Justin Finning, and his wife, Deborah, saw the photo of this poor boy, and even though he was far away from their home, they moved mountains to help him.

Justin, Deborah, And Angelo Were Just Meant To Be

This wasn’t the first Great Dane dog that Justin and Deborah decided to save.

This couple has over thirty years of experience in rescuing and fostering Great Danes with disabilities. When they heard about Angelo’s case, they immediately knew they wanted to take part in saving Angelo’s life.

But, the problem was – Angelo was in a different country. He couldn’t fly until surgery was performed. Together with Hanan, this couple started a fundraiser to collect the money needed for Angelo’s treatment.

Aside from the initial surgery, he needed physio and hydro treatment, alongside a specialized diet, which was extremely expensive.

photo of a recovered great dane
Source: Justin Finning

Fortunately, the humane couple succeeded in this amazing mission and provided Angelo with the long-needed help.

Surgery went successfully, and now this boy needed some time to get back on his feet before flying to his furever home. When the day finally arrived, Hanan wrote on her Facebook:

“Finally Angelo went home and he is soo happy and enjoying his life.

Justin Finning Deborah Noakes thank you both for sponsoring him and accepting him in your small paradise.”

A Happy Boy In His Furever Home

adorable photo of great dane with a horse
Source: Justin Finning

Justin and Deborah were inclined to help Angelo fully recover. They regularly took him to his therapy sessions, and after a few months, this gorgeous boy finally reached his full potential.

happy great dane puppy in new home
Source: Justin Finning

He’s no longer a shy, reserved boy, but a loud, perky Dane who loves being in the center of attention. He runs, plays in his new, spacious back yard, and goes to a beach with his family!

However, the favorite part of his new life is definitely his new housemates. He lives with three other dogs, and he enjoys life to the fullest. We wish him a long, happy life, full of love and new adventures. He sure deserves it!

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After Eating Rocks To Survive, This Great Dane Finally Gets A Second Chance
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