Fearless dog stays by friends’ side after falling through ice and calls for rescue to save the day…

All of us are familiar with the beloved television series Lassie, which told the story of a brave collie who knew when to call for help in an emergency, such as when Timmy was stuck in a well.

The show, however, wasn’t entirely unbelievable—we’ve seen countless accounts of Lassies in real life saving the day by sounding the alarm and obtaining immediate assistance for pals in need.

Like the time that Whimsy the dog, who was stranded in freezing seas with his pal Pickles, helped save his life.

Pickles became stuck in the bitterly cold waters of St. George Lake in Liberty, Maine, on Friday morning after falling through the ice.

Whimsy, another dog who was with him, refused to go from his pals’ side even though he did not slip through the ice.

Whimsy called out for assistance over and over, and Liberty Fire and Rescue eventually responded by rushing to the area.

The Montville Fire Department, their mutual aid town, offered the rescue live sled, which the fire crew used, according to a Facebook post.

The moment the rescuers bring Pickles back to dry land after rescuing him from the lake is seen on camera.

Whimsy remained by Pickles’ side devotedly even after he was pulled out of the freezing water.

Paramedic Corey Bonnevie told FOX 23 Maine, ‘We warmed him up with hot packs and blankets, and Whimsy still wouldn’t leave him.’

The true protagonist of the tale is Whimsy. Right up until his rescue, [they] remained by [their] friend’s side. That seems like a really honorable thing to do.

After the rescue, the two dogs—who were both wearing collars—were brought back to their owners in a secure manner.

Liberty Fire & Rescue expressed gratitude to the team for a job well done. ‘We are so extremely proud of our Department and Montville Fire for the handling of this call,’ they posted on Facebook.

‘We were able to get Pickles out of the water and our ambulance team was able to warm him up and make sure he was okay by using water rescue suits, the water rescue live slide, rope, and knowledge.’

The department said following the rescue that they would be purchasing their own rescue sled. Hopefully, it won’t be required for a similar rescue for some time.

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Fearless dog stays by friends’ side after falling through ice and calls for rescue to save the day…
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