Ellen DeGeneres: Surprising Covid-19 Symptom – “Excruciating” Back Pain

Renowned chat show host Ellen DeGeneres recently talked about her experience with Covid-19 and the unanticipated effect she experienced: severe back discomfort. At the height of the pandemic, the 64-year-old star caught the virus and used social media to update her fans on her health.

When DeGeneres tested positive for Covid-19 in December 2020, she disclosed that she had followed the correct protocol. A week or so later, she reported feeling “100%” better, but she also expressed back pain, a symptom that doctors don’t generally discuss.

“I feel fantastic. One thing they fail to mention is that you end up with terrible back ache. I spoke with a few more folks, but I had no idea that was a symptom. back discomfort. Who was aware? Why is that? back discomfort. Bad,” revealed DeGeneres.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) did not expressly include back pain as a symptom during the early phases of the pandemic, although they did list “muscle or body aches” as one. As studies continued and more data became available, back pain was found to be a possible indication of Covid-19.

According to the NHS, a lot of Covid-19 patients have joint and muscular issues as well as back pain. People who are unwell tend to be less active, which results in aches, pains, stiffness, and weakening in their muscles. This can make routine tasks difficult, such as lifting goods, standing, and ascending stairs.

Long-term COVID-19 has been linked to back discomfort and has impacted a large number of people in the UK. Back pain cases have increased as a result of the pandemic’s growth in remote work. Restrictions on socializing and outside activities led to decreased movement and more time spent sitting down, even in situations when people were not required to work from home.

According to a Maltese study, the proportion of patients with chronic back pain has risen from 30% to 49% following the introduction of COVID-19. Many of the people who reported back pain during this pandemic had never had it before.

It’s crucial to understand that Covid-19 is not always the cause of back discomfort. Many things can cause a backache, and even if it is accompanied by other symptoms like fever, sneezing, coughing, or muscle aches, it may be a sign of another illness like the flu. Pneumonia patients frequently feel back pain as well.

It is always best to speak with a healthcare provider for an appropriate diagnosis if you are worried about your health or if you are suffering back pain in addition to other symptoms.

Remember that whether your back discomfort is caused by Covid-19 or something else entirely, controlling it requires keeping excellent posture, remaining active, and taking care of your physical health.

Remain well and safe!

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Ellen DeGeneres: Surprising Covid-19 Symptom – “Excruciating” Back Pain
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