16-year-old Suri Cruise is the perfect blend of dad Tom Cruise and mom Katie Holmes

Children certainly mature quickly! Suri Cruise is also not an exception. The teenager, who is now 16 years old, has started to resemble someone famous—both of her famous parents!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, two highly well-known people, are the parents of Suri Cruise. Her parents started dating in 2005, and they got married the following year. A few months before her parents’ legal nuptials, Suri was born.

During the course of their approximately six-year marriage, Tom and Katie were frequently spotted bringing their daughter on outings and defending her from crazed paparazzi hoping to capture a photo of the famous family.

Suri’s famous parents were fiercely protective of her and frequently shielded her from the spotlight and the media by covering her face. This has not altered over time because Suri doesn’t have a personal public social media account.

However, the adolescent is now frequently photographed when she leaves her home in New York. The 16-year-old also resembles her famous parents identically in her most recent photos, which were taken just a few days ago.

Suri Cruise resembles both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes perfectly, unlike some children who only resemble one parent. It appears that the teenager has traits from both parents and has a nice appearance.

Despite the amazing likeness between Suri Cruise and her A-List actor father, Tom Cruise, the two are said to not get along well.

The two were last seen together in the public in 2012. Additionally, it’s been said that Katie Holmes is dissatisfied with Tom for not trying harder to be more active in his daughter’s life.

There is no truth to the myth that Tom’s Scientology beliefs have anything to do with his refusal to meet his daughter and continue a connection with her.

According to reports, Scientology does not prevent parents from seeing their kids. However, it’s completely feasible that Tom and Suri meet privately.

Whatever their relationship is like at this point, there is no denying that Suri Cruise looks exactly like her father as much as she does with her mother.

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16-year-old Suri Cruise is the perfect blend of dad Tom Cruise and mom Katie Holmes
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