54-year-old Mariah Carey criticized for red carpet outfit – ‘this is not something you should be wearing’

Probably one of the most well-known performers of her generation is Mariah Carey. The now 54-year-old singer made news recently for her attire. See what others thought of her outfit selection by reading on.

At the star-studded event, Mariah Carey was able to attract a lot of attention because everyone was dressed to impress. The artist was the target of a lot of criticism because of her “daring” wardrobe choice.

The 54-year-old singer wore a garment that some thought was unusual to the third annual Recording Academy Honors. She was dressed in a cream dress that embraced her form and had a corset adorned with sheer caramel-colored tulle accents. The pop star looked amazing in the silhouette.

A deep necklice that accentuated the singer’s body in places that not everyone felt suitable was another part of the ensemble.

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Fans complimented the singer’s appearance, with one stating, “I like it,” and another remarking that the outfit appeared to be “MADE for her.”

Some others were harsher, thinking the clothing was a little too young for her. “Maybe in the early ’90s Mariah, but that’s not really something you should be wearing at 54,” a commenter said. “At a certain age you just need to cover it up,” said another, and “Someone needs to remind her that she’s 54, not 24,” said a third.

Mariah has seen negative remarks on the internet before, as fans are accustomed to making critical remarks on the celebrity’s social media accounts. When the pop singer posted photos of herself and her ex-boyfriend Bryan Tanaka on Instagram in 2017, a number of people commented disparagingly about her weight.

On the photo, someone said, “Mariah, you need to lose some weight because you’re starting to look like a whale.” Some others said that the singer “looked gross,” that she “looked like a tease,” and that she should “cover those airbags.” The singer has been subjected to numerous unjust remarks.


Opinions regarding the clothing worn by celebrities are often rather diverse. More significant, though, is how the celebrity feels about those outfits. Mariah Carey is quite entitled to wear a dress that may not be to everyone’s taste.

What are your thoughts on Mariah Carey’s evening attire? Tell us in the comments section below! Talk about this with others and find out their thoughts!

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54-year-old Mariah Carey criticized for red carpet outfit – ‘this is not something you should be wearing’
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