Here’s When Kate Middleton Is Going To Appear As First Official Engagement Since Surgery

Kate Middleton is the subject of many inquiries at the moment, one of which is what triggered the “abdominal procedure” that will prevent her from working until after Easter. Fans of the royal family will find some new facts interesting, though.

According to reports, June 8 will be the Princess of Wales’s first public appearance following surgery.

Hi there! Let’s say that one week prior to the major event, on that date, Kate will discuss Trooping the Color.

The Household Division page states, “Her Royal Highness reviews Trooping the Colour.” The Princess of Wales is exactly the same as Trooping the Colour as seen by His Majesty the King, with the exception that when He is present, a few more mounted officers ride.


“The second of two formal Reviews will feature a parade of over 1400 soldiers from the Household Division and The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, along with 400 musicians from the Massed Bands,” the statement reads.


Some fear that the general lack of knowledge following the surgery on the future Queen is a portent of bad things to come. Setting a deadline for Kate’s return to her royal responsibilities would allay their fears.

The theory that Kate’s health is worse than what the Palace has been claiming has received a lot of attention lately. In a statement, the Palace reassured the public that Kate was “doing well” and restated previous statements that her recuperation was proceeding according to schedule.

Nevertheless, there is a gap in the public’s awareness that allows rumors to proliferate like wildfire.

It didn’t help that the Princess of Wales hadn’t been spotted since Christmas, either in person or in an image. That is, until yesterday, when Kate was pictured with her mother, Carol Middleton, outside of Windsor Castle in a car.

Prior to this photo being shot, Kate had not been spotted in public for seventy days. Though the Royal Family has been trying to reassure royal admirers that the Princess is just getting better on her own time, away from all the cameras, for the past week, it’s time for more rumors.

Help us wish Kate Middleton a quick recovery by clicking here. A date has been established for her return to royal duties as she continues to improve. We find this to be fantastic news.

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Here’s When Kate Middleton Is Going To Appear As First Official Engagement Since Surgery
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