Simon is skeptical of nervous singer Lucie Jones, but her Whitney Houston audition stuns him.

Simon Cowell doubts Lucie Jones’ ability to perform Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” during her audition on The X Factor. But boy, was he mistaken!

Lucie Jones, 18, is from a small village in Wales with a population of only a few hundred people.

“I really want to get out, and I really want to get out there on the big stage,” Lucie says of her hometown.

“For someone like Lucie, who has her sights set on the bright lights, this could be the way for her to move away and realize her dream,” Lucie’s mother says in an interview prior to Lucie Jones’ X Factor audition.

Lucie Jones Shines on The X Factor
When Lucie begins to sing ‘I Will Always Love You,’ she appears a little nervous up there on stage. But then she gains confidence and her voice grows stronger. Simon even starts to smile as he sees her blossom on stage.

The X Factor judges offer Lucie Jones some words of encouragement following her audition.

“I actually loved your vulnerability in your performance because it makes me think you don’t realize how amazing you are,” Judge Sheryl says. “I think you’re one to watch, Lucie,” she continues. I believe you have tremendous potential. “I believe you have the ability to sing anything.”

“Some people were born to sing,” X Factor judge Loui tells Lucie Jones. “You were made to sing.” You check all the boxes, and I predict that everything will change for you starting today.”

“Lucie, this is why we come to Wales,” Simon says with a big smile. “One of the most difficult songs in the world to sing.” You didn’t try to sound like Whitney Houston; you sang it your way. Lucie, you’re very likeable. You’re extremely talented. “I really like you,” he says. ”

This talented young lady can’t believe how much praise she is receiving! Lucie Jones runs off stage after receiving yeses from all of the X Factor judges to embrace her parents as they celebrate her success.

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Simon is skeptical of nervous singer Lucie Jones, but her Whitney Houston audition stuns him.
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